question from newbe

is it lawful to have a transceiver in my car if I do not as yet have my ham license? or must I get my ham license first. I know with a cb no license is required . the transceiver will be both mobile and base as its removable . wow years ago it was easy . that’s what happens when you get old lol

It depends on where you are and the laws that apply. In the USA, some states do not allow any radio that has a scanning function unless you are a licensed amateur.

Owning a radio capable of monitoring the Amateur bands is perfectly legal in the US, as long as you don’t key it up.
But, as JWILKERS intimated, having a radio capable of scanning certain government bands IS illegal in some states UNLESS you hold an Amateur radio license.

I got into a discussion with a guy who said it was illegal, period. So, I did a bit of research online and found that is several US states, there are laws prohibiting scanning radios in vehicles. But, ALL of them said, “…the prohibition does not apply to Amateur radio operators…” (slight paraphrasing there.)