Question: Dakota Alert M-538HT MURS Handheld

Does the Dakota Alert M-538HT MURS Handheld have the ability to scan the MURS channels? I have a need to try to monitor three channels.

The M-538HT does not have a scan feature. I believe it’s primarily designed more for use on a dedicated channel as part of their base station and alert transmitter system than a general purpose walkie talkie.

However, the Wouxun KG-805M does have a scan feature and includes multiple options. It also has additional features that are not found in some other portable MURS radios, which puts it firmly on par with many expensive business band radios, such as customizable channels, the ability to customize the channell names, and the ability to program NOAA weather channels. It is also currently $5 less than the Dakota Alert radio.

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