Question About Motorcycle Headset and my 2 way radio

Hi everyone!

I had a question for you guys:

firstly here is the headset I bought:
Two Way Radio Motorcycle Helmet Headset For KENWOOD

here are the walkies I have:
RADIO SHACK 21-1859 Ultra-Compact Personal Transceiver

I recently bought a motorcycle helmet headset for my two way radios that I had lying around the house. And I assumed they would work but they don’t fit in the holes…Now I opened up the back and tried to move the holes farther apart, which worked. And then inserted the headset into the holes and it fit perfectly! except I still couldn’t hear anything from the earphones and the other walkie wouldn’t transmit sound from the boom. Although, while plugged in, the walkie was constantly transmitting, except it would only transmit if sound went into the walkie mic and not the headset.

Is there anyway I can get this headset to work for this set of walkies? aka fiddling around with the circuits or something of that nature? Or am i better off returning these and giving up? thanks, hope you guys can help!

When you said you “tried to move the holes”, did you open the radio and attempt to reposition the mic and phone ports on the side? If so, it will probably not work very well.

What you will need to do is find out what type of connector your Radio Shack radio uses and locate the proper headset for it. The right tool for the right job.

Apparently this radio uses an S1 style connector, which is the same style that Midland uses. The Midland AVP H4 and AVP H5 headsets should work with your radio.