Question about Midland GXT1000 Radios

If the Midland GXT1000’s have the capability for CTCSS codes (PL Tones) how are they not listed as repeater capable? Or are they? Can any one please explain?

Just because a radio features CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) does not mean it is repeater capable. CTCSS helps prevent interference from multiple groups of users on the same frequency. CTCSS does not determine the radio to be repeater capable. In order for a radio to be repeater capable, the radio must be able to transmit and receive at different frequencies on the same channel.

For more information, listen to The Two Way Radio Show Episode 8 - Talking Publicly About Privacy Codes in which we discuss CTCSS
and Episode 9 - Mobile Radios and Base Stations in which we discuss how radios work with repeaters.

Only Motorola has a “consumer FRS / GMRS” repeater capable radio that I have found.
It is the Motorola MR356R. I am retiring my Midland GXT1000’s.
Got the MR356R last night at Fry’s Electronics for $69.95.


Actually, Garmin radios are also repeater capable. The Garmin Rino 610, 650 and 655t GMRS radios will work with repeaters.