Question about a Radius GM300 . . .

I just bought this on eBay to use on the Ham bands and was hoping to verify the specs by the model number info:

Motorola Radius GM300 GM 300 VHF 40watt 8 CH Two Way Radio M

That was the headline about the radio and here is the model number. I need it to cover frequencies 146 MHz and up.

Model: M43GMC20D2AA

Anything you can tell me about it from the model number is appreciated

According to the model number this radio should work in the 146-174MHz range.

The GM300 was manufactured in the mid-1990s and was available in a wideband and narrowband model. Model M43GMC20D2AA is the wideband model. There was a conversion kit available but it may not be fully type accepted for narrowband and it may not be easy to find.

Speaking of narrowband, this is a reminder all forum members. The FCC requires all LMR radios to be narrowband compliant by January 1, 2013. That’s less than six months away.

There is one more thing. Just because the radio is labeled as a GM300 doesn’t necessarily mean it is. These radios sometimes swapped faceplates and other components after market. Before using or programming the radio, check to make sure the numbers on the logic board and other components inside the box are what they are supposed to be, especially if the radio was purchased used from craigslist or eBay. I am not saying that your radio isn’t what it says it is, but it happens.

Amateur radio is exempt from the narrowbanding requirements.

That radio will work on the amateur bands. You just need to find the software to do it. Motorola is tight with their software. Sometimes easy to find, sometimes hard. Also a programming interface needs bought or built. Google has infor here and there, but it is all doable,

I started talking about the narrowband modifcation and mentioned the deadline as a reminder to all forum members, especially if one considers purchasing an older, used radio. I Read the post again, realized there may be confusion and edited it for clarification.