Hello I am looking for a radio that will go 8 km in the woods from my camp site for use while quadding. The radios I have bought before don’t go more then 1/2 a km . Need help

Usually walkie talkie could work 3-5km, if the distance is too long, it need high Power, time of walkie talkie will work shorter.So you could buy a radio,so that it could connects the two walkie talkies,and it will go 8 km more easily.

What radios and service are you using now? 8k is roughly 5 miles, and depending on your elevation, terrain, type of antennas and several other factors, 8 kilometers may or may not be easy to get in your situation.

8Km on the flat - or more tricky terrain. The killer here is simply that VHF and UHF in difficult terrain really struggle - so 10km from a peak to a peak across a valley is fine, but 2km from the bottom of a peak to somebody on the other side is impossible. Lower frequencies could work better - but I note you said from the campsite. If you could put up a telescopic pole with a good antenna on top, then the range gets better. It isn’t just power. Loads of power and rubbish path won’t work.