Purchasing recommendation for bicycling

I am looking to buy two-way radios for bicycling and need recommendations.

  1. Range really is not a factor as we would be within 50-100 yards of each other at all times. Most of the time within 10 yards.

  2. VOX is a factor. I need them to be totally hands free and voice activated.

  3. I am not sure about background noise and the microphone. There is wind produced from bicycling, but not like while motorcycling.

  4. Bicycle helmets really do not cover the ear, so the helmet will not help hold an ear piece in place. Thus, it would be nice to have a good ear piece that stays in.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

I would give these a look, since they might be the most compact radios available and they have VOX:


There is an earpiece as well:



Thanks for the info. One last question though, I know the VOX feature is a function of the radio. But, do headsets need to specifically state they are VOX enabled, as many seem to specify PTT, or will any compatible headset allow for VOX?

Good catch, yes the headsets need to specify VOX capable, so those will not work in VOX mode.

Another option is this set of Midland radios (they are on sale even!):


With VOX capable earpieces: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/midland/avp-h4.aspx

I didn’t have much success with Midland VOX let alone their headsets. Radios seem OK but headsets are crap in many ways.