Hi guys

Would it be useful to have screen protectors for digital/tetra radios?

I don’t use digital/tetra radios but all of my handhelds have DIY screen protectors cut from left over cell phone screen protectors. I have always purchased HTs that are water and dust resistant because they are used outside and if I can drop something I will. My new GMRS HT is water/dust resistant and has a homemade screen protector on it. Cheap protection, for me anyway.

Looking at my hard beaten hire stock I notice most screens are still decent, and none unusuable. A few perfect. Ham radio and leisure radios seem to be owner/operator so get looked after better? I don’t see a real need for messing around with protectors. Each to his own, I guess.

There is something to be said for using screen protectors to prevent scratches. Some radios have small displays that are recessed, so the risk of scratching the front display cover is somewhat low, but radios with larger LCD displays that sit flush with the front of the radio are at considerably higher risk.

Case in point, I scratched the display cover of my KG-UV8D some years ago while I was moving furniture. I was loading a huge desk onto a vehicle with the radio clipped to my belt and a corner of the van came in contact with the radio and scratched it. Fortunately we carry replacement front glass for it, so I was able to have it repaired. However, not long after that I scratched it again. Yeah, I could have used a screen protector for that one.