Programming Wouxun Aviation band

I have the Wouxun KG Q10H, and it is supposed to cover the 108-135 aviation band. So what is the best way to program the radio to receive this band? I have the Wouxun programming software, and on the RadioReference.Com site, there is a list from 121.5 to 135.950 - will I have to enter all of these freqs? Or is there another site that will let me import it?

aviation is probably best just done via the radio or the software - but by local need. Portables are range limited, so you just add the frequencies you want to hear. So the local airport, possibly parachutes if there are any locally, but zones and airways depend if they’re actually there. Where I live, I hear planes on approach to or from the 30 mile away airport, but not much point trying the tower. You also don’t have much in the bottom half of that band - that’s VORs and beacons - so voice is higher. Google your local area’s aviation locations and look up where aways are, see if any of those are visible from your location.

Well, I have 3 local airports (uncontrolled) near me, plus Lehigh Valley International (ABE), with approaches over my house fairly regularly. And I know I only need the comm channels, not nav, so…

But I hear you - just add the freqs individually, like Unicom and “fingers,” and don’t scan the entire band. Thanks!

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Airband is AM; your radio is FM, so it can’t do airband.

Sorry for the misinformation. AM receive is an unusual capability, but I should’ve looked up that radio before posting.

It has am airband receive doesn’t it?

The KG-Q10H does indeed have AM and can scan airband in AM mode.