Programming Question UV5r

Heading up to a Backcountry Ski Hut here in a couple weeks and have a couple of VHF radios (Baofeng UV5r) which I am trying to program to communicate with the helicopter operator as mandated by the ACC.

Wondering if someone might be able to shed a tiny bit of light on the Channel used up there, says to program in Channel 5 Rx 151.82 Tx 154.055. What frequency is Channel 5 using?

Noob question, but appreciate any help!

I’m not familiar with ACC, are you referring the FCC? If you are located in the US, the RX (receive) is a MURS frequency, and the TX (transmit) is a public safety frequency.

To answer your question what you do is save the rx frequency to a channel location using menu 27.
Then you save the different tx frequency over the top ofyour Already stored frequency.
Simply put if you save two different freqs to one channel the second one saved becomes the transmit frequency.