programming GMRS frequencies

Can a programmable UHF radio be programmed for both GMRS and non-GRMS frequencies? Would a seperate license be required if only GMRS frequencies were used or would a GMRS be sufficient?

How are the non-GMRS frequencies chosen by users? Are all frequencies in the UHF range (dependent on the radio itself) available for amateurs to use, assuming one has an amatuer license?

A fully programmable UHF radio, such as the Motorola AXU4100 or Kenwood TK3202, can be programmed to the GMRS frequencies. This is a common request and we do it all the time. Since, in this scenario, your radio would only be transmitting on GMRS freqs you would only require the GMRS license.

Requests that we get to program these radios to freqs other than GMRS are almost exclusively from businesses. These businesses have typically been assigned frequencies from a frequency coordinator and need the radios programmed to work with a repeater.