Programming for repeater

I just programmed my Wouxun KG-1000g today for various repeaters in the region. When I was looking again at the data that the repeater owners (I asked for permission, of course) had, most of them were like this:
|Output: |462.600 MHz Unlisted|

|Input:|467.600 MHz Unlisted|

But a couple were like this:

|Output: |462.600 MHz 114.8 Hz|

|Input:|467.600 MHz 114.8 Hz|

I’ve never programmed a radio for anything before, and I’m hoping I didn’t screw up. When the added information is there, like 114.8, what’s it mean in terms of programming?

Now I’m wondering if I really messed this up. The information was imputted in RX and then TX. I think I used the “output” as RX and the Input as TX. Should have have been the other way around?

I’m pretty sure I goofed that up.

The first numbers are indicate the channel.(repeaters have a frequency offset but you dont need to worry once at the correct channel). Look on a frequency chart which will tell you what Repeater channel that corresponds to: In your case this is repeater channel 17. The Hz number is the tone to program in which would be in your menu under TX-CTS. This Hz allows it to work with that particular repeater. When you get to there in the menu press menu and it will say OFF by default. Use up arrow until you get to 114.8 and press menu again to save that number.

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In the repeaters I have used the only have a TX tone, not an RX tone but in your example it looks like they want that number in both of them. I would turn off the RX tone first, set the TX tone and see if you can hit the repeater and then if you have RX bars showing on the radio but no sound coming out then you know you need to set the RX tone also

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Thanks for your reply and help.

I went to the K-1000g from the non programmable MXT115, so I have a steep learning curve going on.

I will try this, but given as I’m a novice on a programmable radio, there’s a good chance I’ll be coming back and asking for additional help. I’ll try not to be too annoying.

If they state Output: 462.600, this means your receive frequency needs to be 462.600MHz. The CTCSS codes are straightforward. The absence of a code means any valid RF on the input will bring up the repeater. CTCSS on input is access control, but CTCSS on the output makes sure you only hear decent signals - your radio squelch won’t open on signals that are very weak when the code cannot be determined - so the two CTCSS tones make the entire system work apparently better as if the tones can be detected then the audio will be string enough for good audio quality. If you set your radio to simply open on the presence of a signal, then weak signals will lift the squelch and some people find this annoying. My own business repeater has a CW ident every ten minutes, but this insult heard by the radios on it because the tone isn’t present - which is handy.