Programming different radios to same frequency?

Hello All,

Can a Kenwood two way radio be programmed to frequency 456.6375 in order to work with some Midland business class radios? Can the Kenwood also be programmed with the same privacy codes, otherwise must those be set to “none”. As exampled in my Midland programming software below. Channel 1 is set to 456.6375 with a privacy code of 100. Whereas Channel 2 is set to 456.6375 with no privacy code.

If a Kenwood radio can be made to work which one would you recommend? I’m just looking for something inexpensive to pick up, so it can be a used radio. So if you have a Kenwood radio you’d like to part with send me a PM. The radio must have the following features though.

  1. Kenwood k1 plug for headsets (two prong).
  2. 2 watt power. I think we are limited to 2 watts with our FCC license because that’s the power we listed for our two way radios.
  3. UHF. These are for indoor use only.
  4. Antenna options. I’d like the option of being able to add a better antenna, if necessary. We have one area where the signal is challenging due to walls or electrical.

Pryme makes a Bluetooth dongle for Kenwood radios. So I’m considering adding one in order to make use of a few Bluetooth headsets. The dongle actually works with my Midland radios but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the Bluetooth headset microphone? So I’ll look to pick up one Kenwood radio, if necessary, because those are supposed to be fully compatible.


All the common Kenwood can do those frequencies and CTCSS tones, from the cheap disposable 3207, which are not to bad at all. I have some that have been pretty reliable. Their audio quality is a bit tinny, I find, very little audio at 400Hz and below.

Adaptors to allow external antennas are available, but be careful. They put a lot of pressure on the tiny connector. The antennas spread the load to the case with a wider bottom. An adaptor can easily snap off SMA type chassis connectors if the radio is dropped with cable attached.