Programing a tidradio H8 Gmrs

Hi everyone am here to start having fun im new with gmrs
I need like a step by step how and where on this radio to add a frequency how I start.
Vfo mur or A/B or menue, I have tried using odmaster no available nothing what am I doing wrong working on this for 5 days I just can’t believe how hard this is lol.
I have 2 radio same no problem talking to each other
I know when I learn how to do it I’ll enjoy but now it’s crazy I just like to be able to program 1 frequency then I’ll take it from their and maybe 1 reapeter.
Thank you all

We need you to tell us what you’re doing, and what have you done so far.

You are programming the radio via software or manually? The process is similar, and I suspect something isnt clicking? I know little of GMRS specifics being a brit, so I googled. I got loads of lists of frequencies up in the 460’s. Simplex ones for radio to radio, with 12.5KHz settings and lots of advice on not using tones or using specific ones, which seem designed to either help prevent you being annoyed by other users on the same channel, or alternatively assisting you to hear others. Clearly, if you need to get into other peoples systems who use tone access, you enter their tones. There is the list of repeater channels that need a 5 MHz shift in the transmit frequency. I also found loads of videos, not on your one, of course, because it’s a less common radio, but I did find programming info for yours, so you just need the GMRS specs from one location, and the instructions for another. In fairness, all you need is time and patience, so you know your radio well, and can efficiently program things into it. Seriously though, all you need is the frequency, then you enter it, enter tone info if you need to, then a repeater shift if needed, then stick that into a memory. This is how it works on virtually every programmable radio. The sequence of button pushing differs.

This is pretty basic stuff, so if you’re not already doing this, why not? Is there some barrier you can’t get past? When people post “how do I program my radio” they’re asking us to be mind readers. Usually, it’s really because they cannot do something that is very, very simple, but only to those who know something they don’t. For example, if you don’t know you have to press say, the star button to enter it into the memory, you wont get further. Until one reader suddenly clicks and says, “you do know you have to press star?” they make no progress, so you need to tell us the full story, and you haven’t yet. Have you tried? Did it work? What hasn’t worked? Are you scared of even trying? We just don’t know.

Your other post suggests you just haven’t really understood how your radio works yet. Can you confirm you’re using the remote app to program it? If you are why can you not program a frequency? You mentioned in the other post you want to listen to a known frequency and can’t? What can’t you do?

Ok this is what i like to do. Manually

Frequency is 463.150 how do i start where to program,
Then how i save what i press?
Can i place it on channels 1 thru 10.
Once its programed how i listen to it a/B or under channel or Frequency
I know it sounds easy but confusing to me.
Bottom line order of pressure buttons to do this
Thank you.
If using program obmaster what order pressing buttons to install ,save,listen im very sorry but this is confusing i like to learn and would really appreciate it
Thank you

I’d return the radio to be honest. 40 years ago with no internet people programmed radios from the keypad. With hundreds of videos, manuals and other sources available if it’s beyond you in such a simple radio, maybe a change of hobby is best. We could talk you through each button press but it will take months if you don’t get it. I don’t even have one but YouTube showed me in one video how to program it. I don’t mean to be unhelpful but why would I spend my time learning how to work your radio for you? Do the research and put a bit of effort into your hobby. So far you dont seem to have even tried.

Incidentally, 463.150 is not a GMRS frequency, it’s for LMR/Public Safety use.

I’m new to radio’s too so maybe I can tell you what I did to learn! My first radio was already programmed with channels & I paid a premium for it because I didn’t think I could learn how to program a radio! Then I began to watch YouTube video’s about programming & it looked pretty easy. I thought possibly I could program more channels into that first radio so I tried a free software called “CHIRP”! But was unsuccessful with it! Then I learned about software from “RT Systems” that everyone said was easier than CHIRP! I watched YouTube video’s from RT Systems showing step by step instructions using their software. Long story short, I bought the RT Systems software & got my radio programmed with over 100 channels very easily using their software – which was specifically made for my model of radio. So – I’d look into using RT Systems software & watch their video that you can get from their website! Here’s the link:

Are you sure you got the GMRS version? I believe the GMRS version comes preprogrammed.

Streaksf7, First, Welcome aboard👍 Some great people here, always willing to help. Now for your GMRS issue. You mentioned wanting to add a GMRS frequency to an existing radio you have, apparently. That is NOT something I would recommend❗️
Here is a list of the GMRS frequencies complements of “

Honestly, if you’re trying to get into the GMRS radio hobby, purchasing a radio designed for and approved by the FCC is a far better option. has a helpful staff that can assist you in making the best choice.
(888) 569-9499
Best wishes :+1:
Tom WRQE346

Crockett, First, welcome aboard to a great GMRS community. Now for your post. Please help me understand why you would want to go to that much trouble just to be able to communicate on GMRS❓
I’m very familiar with CHIRP using Uniden scanners. GMRS was designed to be simple to use per the FCC.
I could be mistaken, but only GMRS radios licensed and approved by the FCC can be used on the GMRS band.
The staff at have the expertise to make the hobby so easy to get into.
Best wishes from Tom WRQE346

When I responded I missed the GMRS part. If you’ll notice I said I programmed over 100 channels into my radio and there are only 22 GMRS channels! It was my mistake in my reply!

Now I’m thoroughly confused. Are you referring to programming a scanner, like maybe the Uniden SDS200? Or a radio of some kind?
As I preach on other sites, the more detailed information you can provide to us the audience, the better. Then, everyone has a better understanding of the issue.
Tom WRQE346

A radio – as I said in my post!

It sounds like you’re trying to incorporate the GMRS frequencies into what brand model radio?
In addition, you’ll have to control/limit the xmit power on GMRS channels to comply with the FCC regulations. All that effort seems like a very convoluted way of entering the GMRS world, in my view.

Re-reading, I’m sure we must be missing something here? He says he’s having fun with GMRS, then asks how to program in a frequency? isn’t having fun the consequence of talking to people? We must have misunderstood somewhere here? GMRS is a bit like our PMR446 and small ham bands - like the 70MHz band - there are only a handful of frequencies to program and then you never need to do it again?

Best thing to do is punch your radio model into youtube and watch some videos on it.

Take a look at this video -