Product Question

Hi! I am hoping you can help me out. I am looking for some two way radios that I can use at my theatre for communication during a live stage show. I need about six units. They need to have headsets with adjustible volume controls. I would like to have the option where you have to push a button to talk or also change to where you can just talk and it will pick you up and transmit you. I would like about 6 units that can all be on the same channel. I need really to go maybe 300 feet or so. Can you suggest any products for me to take a look at? Thanks and I look forward to an e-mail from you soon!

Hi. It sounds like the Motorola CLS 1410 radios would be a perfect choice for you. These radios are very small and lightweight, and support VOX hands-free use when used with a VOX compatible headset. This model also supports a vibrate alert feature.

If you have some users who will not need the hands-free functionality, the Motorola CLS 1110 would be a good choice and is around $20 less than the 1410. The 1110 only supports one channel (the 1410 supports 4) but it doesn’t sound as if this would be a concern for your application.