Problem with programming

I have radio model JT-6208.
I wanted to change the frequencies but instead to click (Read from radio) I have clicked (Write to radio)
and I memorized empty menu without frequencies.
In the Edit Menu , then in Optional Features, I see that is selected Battery Save and Beep and than is clicked on (Write to radio)
without frequencies.
And now on the radio station the light blink red and orange, and it beeps constantly, and we can not communicate
with the radio.
Now when I connect the radio to the computer, and I click (Read from radio), the computer
can not communicate with the radio and it writes ( Please check all connections and communication port settings).
It is not problem in the communication when I put other radio which has memorized some frequencies, the communication is all right.
Please if you can help me, if it has something to reset the radio or something else we can do.
Thank you for the help and we are expecting fast answer.

Hi, the radio you are referring to is made by JingTong in China. We carry and support US branded radios, so we do not have a manual for programming yours. You will need to contact JingTong directly or search the Internet for the operations manual for the JT-6208.

the radio is from Kenwood model KT-3207 and my radio is Chinese copy.
So if you can help me I would be glad.
Best regards

Even if it is a direct knock-off of the Kenwood TK-3207 doesn’t guarantee the programming software for the actual Kenwood model will work with it. There are a number of Chinese copies of name brand radios that can have such compatibility issues.

If you have a genuine Kenwood radio, we are certainly able to assist in programming it or we can program it for you as we are an authorized Kenwood dealer. You can give us a call at 1-800-584-1445 or contact us directly from our web site at

If it is a Chinese copy and not a genuine Kenwood radio, your best bet is to locate the manual from that specific manufacturer - not Kenwood - or contact that manufacturer directly.

Hope that helps.