Problem with BF888S

I bought 2 walkie-talkies Baofenf BF 888s. I programmed them with CHIRP and they worked great. A few days ago I found another software (888S PC Softvare) which I downloaded from this link:

I programmed them with 888S PC Softvare but from that moment they noising on all channels all the time when they are turned on.
Something like lying them that there is a signal, but there isn’t signal and only noise is heard. Also, their range is now only 150 meters in the open and after that their signal does not reach. Their output power is 0.

Then I programmed them with CHIRP and a ready-made list of channels sent to me by my friend, but unfortunately the defect remained.

It is a software problem, physically they are great.

Does this ■■■■ 888S PC Softvare have any bag / virus so it damages the firmware of both walkie talkies?

Is there any solution, to fix it and to work normally as before?

Are you sure you’ve just not accidentally changed power output and squelch in the other software? If you programmed with chirp I dont know why you programmed with the other? If the were fine why did you reprogram them? The software is not going to have given the radios a virus, the radios have no active programming that make them susceptible in that way but the wrong CPS for the version of the radio can set parameters that seriously mess them up. I suggest using the new software and resetting the radio to something very basic with full power, no scrambler, no tones, no shift and wide band, and nothing weird. Squelch at a mid point to start and see if you can restore operation. Other than that. Throw them away and start again. However, if you read the radios with chirp, you might find just that one parameter that is wrong if you look carefully.

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How do I do a factory reset? I searched on Google but there is no information about resetting the BF888S

I don’t think there is one as the radio only has limited facilities. When you say it makes a noise, do you just mean the squelch is open all the time so the roar comes out continuously, or is it some kind of interference? You also say the power out is zero? Not being funny, but with only two radios, surely you have no idea if the output on the radios is at zero, or if the receive radios are not receiving? It could be so many things - I don’t suppose you saved the original successful chirp data so you can double check with the newer software to compare?

Did you do this, per the instructions?:

1. Perform Read from Radio.
2. Save this file as Recovery File. This will create an initial template that can be used as a restoration file if required at a later date.