Problem hearing with my TYT MD-UV 390 Plus radios

Hi, I’m new to DMR and I’m having trouble hearing on my radios. I have two of the same model and have used (almost) the same code plug on each. I can talk to the two radios in both digital and analog simplex and it works just fine. When I try to reach local analog repeaters I don’t know if I’m getting through because I never get a response. Likewise, when I try to communicate with any of the talk groups on Brandmeister I never get a response. I’m using an OpenSPOT 4. I went into Parrot and monitored it through hoseline. I was able to hear my transmission on hoseline, but my handset never played back any audio. Also I should say that the LED that is supposed to blink red when transmitting and green when receiving, well it intermittently blinks green making me think the radio is getting a signal but not putting the audio through the speaker. Based on all of this, I feel that I am getting out, but I think I’ve got some sort of setting messed up which is preventing me from hearing all traffic. If I wasn’t 100% POSITIVE this wasn’t the problem, I’d tell myself to check to make sure the volume is turned up, lol. Does anyone have any advice?

The trouble is, you don’t know if you are getting into and out of the repeater - have you tried using the two radios with the same programming and listen to the repeater on one, and transmit on the other. I suppose you’ve already heard the repeater on both radios so you’re sure you are in range? Are other people having conversations on the various talk groups, but when you select that talk group you don’t get sent through and out? Analgue repeaters usually key up and on receive you hear a short carrier then it drops - analgue often has CW ident. Digital repeaters often have talkgroups that only perk up when somebody accesses locally, so unless people use them, they’re quiet= especially WW as it would be non-stop chaos.

Analgue wise - program both radios with the reverse, so you can check the transmit of both radios on the other. Check the tones (turn them off for receive).

You might just be out of range? I’d bet that range is more likely the issue, assuming you typed the code plug correctly - for analogue it’s two frequencies and a tone, - digital is much more complex.