Privacy issues regarding disclosing call signs

I wanted to let everyone know that when you disclose your HAM call sign, you can search the internet and you can get all kinds of personal info on that person including street address. With a street address any internet savvy person can then get phone numbers and even driving directions to your house. Since you don’t have to be a registered user to access the HAM radio area of this forum, anyone with an internet connection can get your information.

I know we all want to talk to each other and we’re a very open community here at two-way-radio but I wanted to just point out that a simple call sign disclosure can have some people with ill-intent knowing more about you than you want them to know.

Have fun and 73!

I’ve had my callsign out there on various websites and as user names for many forums for over 10 years, and I’ve never experienced any weirdness or any problems.

I guess after checking me out, people have decided I’m just not worth their time. :wink:

I didn’t say it was GOING to happen, I just said it COULD happen.

What you choose to post on the web is up to you; each person makes their own choices about the risk they want to undertake on the web.

Some people post that they may be going on vacation or what their work schedules are as well. I typically post that I will be home watching the movie Rambo and cleaning my guns. Never had anybody stop by for a visit. :smiley:

That gave me a laugh.

You realize that most people have their names in one or more phone books, too!


I guess in an effort to preserve privacy, one thing I’ve noticed is that a LOT of people don’t tell the FCC their new address when they move - a violation of FCC rules. This becomes obvious when you check a call sign on a 2-call you’ve talked to on the local repeaters for several years, and their information lists them as still being in New York…


I realize this is old, but it’s a specious argument. The FCC REQUIRES that we identify with our call sign every ten minutes when we’re on the air. We don’t have a choice…

If someone is concerned about putting their call sign out there, then they might as well get on FRS instead.

Suffice it to say that your local repeater that you say your call sign into isn’t nearly as accessible to as many people and readily available as when you post your call sign on here. Google is a powerful girl, far reaching.

That being said, I guess it’s “whatever.”


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