Power to Midland - MXT400 via RS-35M.

I have a Midland - MXT400 and a ASTRON RS-35M. What is the best way to connect the wires to the ASTRON RS-35M? Thanks. I need a clear explanation because I have no idea. Please provide links if I need to purchase anything.

I will be using it as a base station.

If this is worrying you, you may have chosen the wrong hobby - as it’s just very basic stuff - however, I’ll give it a shot.

The power cord that comes with the radio probably has bare ends. If there is a cigarette style connector, simply get a pair of cutters and snip it off. If there are no strands of the inner conductor visible, you need to trim the plastic insulation back and leave around 6mm, ?" visible. Gently twist the strands to make sure there are no stray whispers of conductor sticking out.

The power supply had two threaded posts on the rear and they come with two crimp connections. The normal way to connect these is to insert the ?" of conductor into each one and then crimp/crush the aluminium/steel to make it a tight compressed joint. Some people even add a soldering iron and some solder and flow this into the joint for added strength. You need to really squish the joint if you expect the crimp to be reliable.

The alternative is to expose a greater length of conductor and remove the nut and washer, then wind the wire around the threaded post, at least 360 degrees worth, then tighten up the nut to hold it secure. This is pretty simple to do.


You MUST make sure red goes to + and black goes to -.

You MUST make sure no stray strands can cross the gap between the two terminals.

That’s pretty much it really.

The only tools required are a knife to trim the insulation back and some cutters to cut the connector off if there is one. You need something to fit the nuts - that’s it.

Putting on an RF connector is quite complicated compared to this - so I assume you bought a read made up cable to attach the antenna?