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I live on an island where my cell phone does not receive or pick up signals because I am closer to Canada than the nearest cell phone tower. The problem is I am a dock worker for a ferry company and need some type of 2-way radio that will transmit over 3 miles. We have no telephones other than cells which are useless except on the south side of the island. I would like something that can be kept at my home and also at the ferry dock office so I can be reached when needed. I have been looking at the various types of radios but have no absolute idea where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What hand-held repeater-capable GMRS radio are available and you would recommend?

why should I get a gmrs fcc lic when the channel will be shared with non lic people like CB.?

problem with Cobra microtalk LI 7200 WX C two way radio when head set is plugged in the out put power drops to medium has any one fixed this problem.
can i cut a wire inside or something else? they are usless this way as i need full power

The Motorola MR355R, MR356R and MS350R radios are repeater capable.

I have just bought an used Cobra HH425LI from amazon with a pair of Midland GXT1000 thinking that they can cross talk on GMRS but something went wrong.

The GXT1000 can talk to each other just fine but the Cobra can’t receive any message from them ( no Rx icon show when I call from the GXT1000).

I there anyway I can reset my Cobra to factory setting to make sure I got the right setting.
Has anyone tried to communicate between Cobra HH425LI with other brand on GMRS radio before?

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The Cobra HH425LI is a combo GMRS/VHF Marine radio. In order for it to communicate with the Midland GXT1000, be sure it is in GMRS mode.

Also, this radio has 121 privacy codes with a possible 1815 privacy combinations. The GXT1000 has 142 privacy codes. Since these are used radios, the chances are high that one or more of them are set to specific privacy codes.

When purchasing a used radio, it is always a best practice to go through them and ensure they are at default settings. There is no one specific “reset” button on these radios. You will need to go through the manual for each of these radios learn how to set up, change and clear the privacy codes.

Of course, there are always risks when purchasing used products. However, from your description it is likely caused by one of the two issues above and both are relatively simple to resolve.

For an in-depth discussion on privacy codes, The Two Way Radio Show Episode 8 - Talking Publicly About Privacy Codes is a good source of information.

I removed CTCSS and DCS on both the GTX1000 and HH425 already. I also tried the scan function with all GMRS band (1-7 and 15-22) but nothing happen. Seems like my Cobra has broken. Just one to confirm for sure that they should be able to communicate on the same GMRS band.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, we do not sell or support either model of radio that you have, so I am basing my response off of the limited information I was able to find online this morning.

I was able to confirm that the Uniden radios are a set of consumer radios that are designed for use in Australia and New Zealand. The specs say that the radios have 80 different UHF frequencies to choose from, but I was unable to locate a full list of what those 80 specific frequencies were. Either way, these radios may not be legal to use outside of Australia & New Zealand. This is something you will need to check locally if you are planning on using them elsewhere.

That being said, there’s really only one way to make these two radios compatible. You will first need to find out which frequencies are being used on the Uniden radios (I would suggest reaching out to Uniden directly for this information). Once you have the frequency information figured out, you will need to obtain the programming software and cable for the Baofeng model, and program the Baofeng radio to match accordingly.

I wish I had a simpler solution for you, but unfortunately, there’s not really an easier way to accomplish this with the two types of radios you have. Different types of radios use many different default frequency lists, so most radios are not compatible by default.

If you have any other questions, just let us know. Thanks!

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Any Midland rumors about the possibility of the MXT575 MicroMobile GMRS Two Way Radio going on sale this Spring?
Thanks, Tom WRQE346

I haven’t heard of any. Midland does have various sales throughout the year, and as an authorized Midland dealer we actively participate in some of them. No word on an MXT575 sale at this time.

Thanks Rick. I always appreciate your comments and GMRS/FRS information :+1:

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