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I just bought a pair of motorola walkie talkies but cabt gdt them to fhe right channel so that my cb can pick them up? Yep I’m clueless!! Please help

If they are Motorola I am guessing they are Talkabout radios, but just to be sure, what model do you have?

Motorola Talkabout consumer radios operate on UHF FRS/GMRS frequencies. They will not talk with CB radios.

For the basics on CB and FRS/GMRS radios, check out these two episodes of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast.

TWRS-15 - An Introduction to CB Radios

TWRS-01 - An Introduction to Consumer Radios

There are a lot of resources here to help you learn the basics. Welcome to the forums!


I am new to the forum but I have had some earlier cb experience about 30 years ago. I am now retired and would like to get back into it. I have a president grant mobile and a navaho trc 427 base station. Neither has been run in about 25 years but were both working when I retired them.

I am looking at buying a sirio sy274 4 element beam antenna. I will be mounting it on a 30 ft pole.

My question: The roof of my house is metal, and the antenna will be approx. 10 feet above the roof. Will the metal roof interfere with the beam antenna at that height.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



How are you going to mount your rotor and where will it be located?


The main pole is 20 feet high, mounted from the ground up to the center of the peak of the house at one end. My roof peak is 15 feet. I have a 7 foot insert in side the main pipe. On this insert the rotor will mount and then a 2 foot extension from the rotor for the beam antenna. I will then lift the insert up 6 feet and lock it in place. This will give me a 30 foot height.

The beam antenna will be mounted horizontal.



you might be alright…if you were looking at 6meters and above I would not worry about it at all, but at 11 meters there could be some issues…
if you could get another 10 feet up, that would put you better than a half wave length separation and there would be less potential for problems.

Thanks for the information. What I was going to use I had lying around the yard, but I can buy a 16 foot length of pipe that will put me 20 feet above the roof.

Thanks Again


I’m in need of some help again.

I was originally going to put up a 4 element beam antenna, however due to the size and living in a town I do not want to **** anybody off. The other problem I have is the winds. Through out the year our winds can easily exceed 100 km per hour regularly.

I have done a lot of reading and visiting forums in the last week trying to find a good omni directional. My first choice would be the sirio vector 4000 but wind survival is not good. My other choices are sirio 827 and Imax 2000.

I know there are other antennas including the Gain Master but it is a bit pricey.

Any thoughts on my selections would be appreciated.

Thanks Nosbod

I have a ProTalk XLS walki talki I and want to be able to connect with a FreeTalk EX walki talki. What do I have to do to connect the two models so I can use all four to talk with others?


It is best to post your question in another sub-forum, as these are not CB radios.

Hi and thanks for the forum.

I have a 98 Volvo station wagon and I want to install a small-framed CB (Like a Midland 1001LWX or smaller) in a pocket in my dashboard and attach it to a roof mounted NMO antenna.

I can figure out how to mount it and all, but I am looking for specific information for the radio. For instance, I need it to be Midland 1001LWX size frame or smaller, it needs to have NOAA weather band capability and it needs to be a black case with black digital numbers on a green illuminated background. I want it to match the look of the car as closely as possible. Also, for the NMO roof mount, since my Volvo doesn’t have a central dome light to pull down for roof access, I am considering installing a “dumby” dome light from another car in the headliner so I can always access the NMO mount by removing the lens from the “light”.

Any help or suggestions with regard to above would be great. Thanks.

I have a 1001lwx. Nice radio. Unfortunately, can’t help with install; but the radio will serve you well.

I need a battery for a Midland 70 152 b are they still available anywhere?

You should probably start a new thread with this subject so more people see it.