Poor Service, poor communication never again

This company has completely stopped responding to my emails.

They were “resolving my issue”.
Seems an odd choice do that to someone that likes to communicate a lot with others. Hmm


Hi Terry, welcome to the forum!

I just spoke with Tanner and he told me that he sent an email to you some time ago requesting an image of the back of the radio so he can send over the correct fix, but he didn’t receive a response. He just sent you a second email as it sounds like you didn’t receive the first one. If you don’t receive that one either, you may need to call him directly at 1-800-584-1445 so the two of you can figure out how to exchange the information successfully and resolve the issue.

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I called got Alex talked to me and putting me on hold for Tanner I was then transferred when he became available then immediately was put two voicemail. Called back same thing again. Asked Alex to speak to supervisor. Tanner called me after that. He sent me an email with the firmware and installer. However then suggested I wait because it may not be correct. I have requested Anthony call me tomorrow. My situation is I got a different radio than what I ordered. Because the manufacturer changed the internals on the radio but kept same model number. So now this radio does not work as expected. I would like a radio that works with opengd77. Uv-390 did previously but now not so with the change. I am even willing to swap with a uv-380 to get this fixed.

Update: An extremely nice young lady named Taylor contacted me. She was very helpful and resolved my issues in an equitable manner.

Customer service opinion has improved for me. She reached out by phone more than once. It seems her boss was out with the flu and i can understand that. I have had bronchitis myself this past two weeks. She stepped up! She took initiative and handled the situation. I really appreciate what she did to help.

My hope going forward for customers of these radios is that the customer can get the radio they want. It is not two way radios fault that Chinese manufacturer changes the spec and keeps the same model name and number. But it is certainly hard on the consumer and the retailer.

What would I love to see? A retailer that would work with the guys at opengd77. Have them test the radios and then put on the retail website that would their radios work with opengd77. But that is in a perfect world and that I suppose would be hard to make happen.

Hams want opengd77 that is a given. Hams want good radios that is a given. Imagine if those two combined and worked together. Amazing.


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I’ve always received amazing service from B2WRadio - it’s one of the reasons I generally buy everything I can from them rather than Amazon or other competitors. And it is so nice to talk to a US-based human being when there is an issue!