Poor Customer Service

So, I purchased a radio Friday morning. Aug. 29th.

Site says same day shipping on orders received prior to 6pm. i also wanted 3 day shipping so i would get this by Wed (sept 3).

Now they tell me, that Friday, really dont count.

i have been emailing the so called “customer service” trying to get a refund because they are telling me it wont be here till thur. end of bus. day.

Talk about fine print.

BE WARNED. if you order , shipping does NOT start till the NXT day, no matter how miss-leading the web site it, and the excuse and lack of customer service is really poor, its like , “we did our part”. i guess once u purchase , they are loaded with excuses.

Im sure this will be deleted or spammed by fan-boys, but i guess all i can to is make sure no on in my Jeep club of 500 members orders any CB stuff from this site.

If for some reason, they decide to actually do whats right, I will alter this post to reflect any future actions.

Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. Poor reviews and criticism help us improve, so we welcome them as well.

I’ve looked at your order, and honestly I think that we did everything correctly as far as shipping your order. I see that you placed your order at 5:55 PM on Friday 8/29, and we shipped it 9 minutes later at 6:04 PM.

A package shipped on a Friday via Next Day would typically deliver Monday. Shipping via two day would guarantee Tuesday delivery. Your selection of Three Day Guaranteed would typically arrive on the following Wednesday. In your case, the Labor Day holiday caused a delay (shipments do not move on holidays) and pushed your guaranteed date to Thursday.

This is where we could have been better. Our web site did not provide a reminder as you were placing the order that shipping providers would be closed on Monday. We’ll learn from this and make changes in the future. In the meantime, I’m intercepting your shipment and I’ll make sure you have it tomorrow.

Thanks, I will update my review based upon your reviewing my order. thanks again for understanding and seeing things from my point of view.

I am thankful and happy that you are going to review and have some kind of extra notice that lets people know if something that will show an actual delivery date, had I know this I would have paid more for faster shipping (this is what all my fuss was about), I wish the person I had been dealing with would have let me know that you could have pushed up shipping.

I am thankful that you are making sure I will get my package by Wed. this means alot and goes along way with me for future purchase’s and I will make
sure to let my Jeep club know how you are taking care of me.

thanks again for the quick response.

As of 9pm Wed, I have not received my package. ups shipping/tracking says its on the truck due to be at my house by 3:45pm. but it 9pm so , it appears its not getting here in time.

very sad and upset about this, no notification or email or update as to what the issue is. :confused:

Its 5:30am , checked all around my house, thinking maybe the ups guy was scared and left it (it was raining). No package.

this morning when i checked at work, it says its now … again… on the truck for delivery. funny thing. the location is only about 25min (side streets) to my house.

they again say. 11ish to 3:45pm (which wont work as i leave for my trip from work).

you would think that since they where suppose to have it yesterday, they would make sure its done 1st thing this morning? I guess that would be asking too much and make sense.

If it arrives by 11am I could get my son to drive it to me (more waste), but i will be returning it if that is not the case as I will have to buy something from a store to allow me to get by.

this whole process has really left a bad taste in alot of ways.

I do appreciate Danny trying to hurry it along, (Danny, u may want to contact UPS and get a full refund as it never arrived -yesterday). sad part is it just sat on the truck from 4:15am till… wait… its still there. LOL

I’m really sorry about your experience, it looks like we just can’t win on this one. I had your original shipment returned to us and sent a new radio out with guaranteed overnight shipping so you would have it yesterday.

I can see from the tracking information that it was “Out for Delivery” basically all day yesterday, and then went back to “Arrival Scan” early this morning and now is back to “Out for Delivery”. It looks to me like the UPS driver just missed it yesterday and it got left on the truck. That is pretty rare for them, but I have seen it before.

I’m sure it will be delivered today, but that doesn’t help since you are leaving today. You may want to try calling your local UPS sort facility if you are still in town. The driver may be willing to meet you somewhere to hand off the package. I’ve seen that before, especially in cases where they screwed up (like this one).

Please let me know how you would like to proceed at this point. I have already refunded 100% of your shipping charges. If you’d like a full refund I completely understand and will send out a pre-paid return label for the radio.

Again, I’m very sorry about your experience with this order. Just let me know how you’d like it handled from here.

Yes, i need a full refund , please send a pre-paid return label, as I had to purchase one from another physical store on the way.

thanks again for attempting to make this right, I will still buy from you guys based upon all that you attempted to do.

I am sending out a pre-paid UPS return label today. Just apply the label to the outside of the shipping container (over top of the old label, if you’re using the original container) and drop it off at a UPS Store or any UPS drop box. Let me know if you have any questions.

Again, I’m extremely sorry for the lack of information that our site provided on the Labor Day closing as well as the UPS delivery issue. I really appreciate your patience and willingness to give us another shot in the future.

I have returned from my trip and got the return slip and will be sending it out today when i get home from work.

I guess i just attach it to the unopend box and it gets back to you and once you get it you will refund me the purchase of the radio?

Be sure the label Danny sent is on the package. We will need it to reference the order. Once we receive the radio we will issue your refund. :slight_smile:

you should be getting the return in the nxt day or so.

Please let me know when you received the return so i can start looking to make sure the refund hits my card. thanks

We received the return and issued the refund 9/19/2014.

thanks., for the help and attention.