pm400 issues. please help

New to this forum. Hoping I can get some help. I have a Motorola pm400 that was used in a rent-a-center fleet vehicle. It is in trunk mode I believe. All that the screen will read is 2 channels labeled do not use and 1 that reads rac for rent a center. How do I return this unit to factory operating condition? Any help is greatly appreciated

The PM400 mobile radio by Motorola is fully programmable via software and appropriate cable purchased from Motorola. That radio cannot be programmed or reset via any of it’s buttons or settings, it must be programmed with a computer.

The CPS software from Motorola is RVN4191 and will program PM400/PR400, CM200/CP200, CM300, etc.
The cable is AARKN4083

You can also send it out to a dealer to have it reprogrammed for whatever frequencies you want. The radio is capable of either VHF 146-174mhz or UHF 403-470Mhz or 465-495mhz…depends on the model number on the bottom of the radio. If you program it with conventional channels and take it out of trunking it is capable of 64 channels.