Please recommend radios for this usage. . .

First, let me introduce myself as a new member making his first post in this forum. I am for the first time needing to get a pair of two way radios for use at work and there are two or three very specific things I need the radios to do/be.

I have already done several hours of research including scouring existing posts on this forum and others and online shopping and comparison of new radios. The answers from the postings were straightforward enough but the information from resellers and even manufacturers were often misleading and even false regarding the primary feature I need, water resistance / waterproof-ness.

I can tell from the posts I have already read here and elsewhere that this group of people here at twowayradioforum seems to have the largest base of experience and expertise regarding consumer grade two radios I yet discovered anywhere online.

I am hoping you guys / gals will offer a definitive answer to what seems (to me) a very simple question.


The way I will use the radios: Standing in the rain for 4 t 8 hours on some days, talking with my traffic flagging partner, who will almost always be less than one half mile distant and in line of sight.

I need radios that do the above and will not die while in use due to water intrusion and I need them to be affordable because of limited financial resources.

Please recommend any radios you think might meet these requirements, starting with the least expensive. An expensive solution not an option for me at this time.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.

PS I already have an inexpensive pair of radios that meets the requirements above EXCEPT that when they get a little rain on them they stop working. Is there a way to make these radios waterproof?

I would take a look at something like this:

Also, check out our Weatherproof GMRS Radio Guide. It features a chart of two way radios we carry and their IP/JIS weatherproof ratings.