Please need help

Im new and dont know if doing somthing wrong.

  1. Model radio tidradio 2nd Gen Bluetooth H8 gmrs
  2. I have loaded on my phone . OBMaster app
  3. Issue is
    I tried to talk to my retevis rt29 on low channels 1 thru 10 and get nothing.
    Channel 7 frequency on retevis is 462.7125 so i try programing on my tidradio and nothing happens could someone help me, i once had uniden scanner and used radio somingthing app had no problems with my scanner so i dont think im stupid even though my wife may think different lil
    COULD SOME ONE GUIDE ME , i see the frequency on my tidradio under channel 7 but no communications
    Thank you all


Are there any CTCSS or DCS tone set on either radio?

Are the radios close together when you are testing the radios? Sometimes if the two radios are side by side they can’t hear each other due to signal overload.

Can the Retevis talk to the Tidradio?

I don’t have either radio, these are just general troubleshooting steps for me.

You need to be logical here. The advice about tones being the probable problem is spot on I think. If both radios are set to the same frequency, firstly are you sure? The Retevis. What makes you certain it is on that frequency? Did you program it? You can check. Even though the new radio isnt making a noise, if you set a frequency and that frequency is in use you can see it on the display. If the display doesn’t show the received signal then the retevis is NOT on that channel. If it does display signal then you need to try each tone one by one till you find the one the retevis is using and then you will hear. Set the same tone in the transmit settings and the retevis will open up. My guess is wrong frequency and wrong tone. Did you program the retevis and the new one? If so you just need to make sure they match. Be very precise in your response so we know what you’re doing. You say you see the channel 7 frequency so do you mean when you press retevis ptt the new radio display shows signal? If so it’s a tone mismatch and easily fixable once you work out which one the retevis is sending and hoping to receive. That frequency is a little strange though? Not legal in many countries

I just looked up the RT29, I should have done that before answering. If what I saw and read was correct the RT29 has no screen. As paulears asked, are you sure about the Retevis programming?

My church has four Retevis RT21 radios that also have no screens. They were purchased years ago from a radio shop that is no longer in business. All four radios would talk to each other. At one point while using one of the radios I could hear other traffic. They could not hear me or at least refused to respond. I used an inexpensive frequency counter that also shows TX ctcss and dcs tones. All 16 channels were GMRS frequencies with random ctcss or dcs TX tones. The church also has four Cobra brand FRS/GMRS bubble pack radios. I was able to use the counter to determine what the tones were and then eventually determine which channels and tones would allow all 8 radios to communicate.

The point of all of this is that unless you have programming documentation for the Retevis or performed the programming yourself you won’t know what frequency/tones you are dealing with. Our professionally programmed Retevis radios had tones on every frequency, and once I was able to determine the frequencies I found they were not in the normal GMRS channel order.

Using a frequency counter or another radio that has regular scan and tone scan would make troubleshooting much easier. Otherwise you will need to try ever combination inputting all ctcss and dcs tones one at a time until you find the magic combination. It can be done but it will be tedious and probably time consuming.

Are you using the correct TSQL/CTSS tones and is the 5mhz offset correct if using a repeater station?

Search for the US FRS and GMRS Channels on the web for some good frequency information.