Please Help With Programming Please Love You

Hello, firstly hope everyone is well.

I need help programming I have no idea what I’m doing. I have purchased Retevis RT21 and a Retevis RT97 Repeater. It did not provide any benefit when I set it up so that lead me to explore the programming.

I have attached a photo with the data I pulled radio (right) and the repeater (left). Please tell me which settings I need to change in order for the radio to work with the repeater. Hoping I can just change the settings on the repeater instead of all the radios.

No. You leave the repeater alone. It has a built in duplexer tuned to channel one. You cannot even use the other channels without retuning it and that takes expensive kit. I assume that 453 frequency is legal wherever you are in the world, so you MUST program that split and CTCSS tone into all the portable radios. The repeater transmits on 453, so that is set as the receive frequency in the portables, and the portables transmit on the frequency programmed into repeater ch 1 receive. All need that CTCSS tone.

I’ve sold quite a few of these repeaters but I had to tell people that at best, you might get a channel either way before the performance drops off quickly. Multichannel repeaters are totally pointless. I hope you ordered it with the right frequency. It’s easily retuned by a person with the kit. It’s probably a couple of hours work for a workshop, so you can work out the cost locally. Here that’s probably seventy quid.

In your right hand pic, none are on the repeater frequency and they are all set to simplex and have DCS not CTCSS. You need to retune all the portables by entering the repeater frequencies for channel one, assuming this is the frequency you gave the supplier to tune to. Did you buy them from the same dealer?