Please help-Using Kenwood ProTalkxls with other radios

Hi all,
As you can see I’m a new member to the forum… I just received my ProTalk xls. I’m a wedding photographer and I was planning on using it for weddings when I have a second photographer to shoot with me so we could communicate.

Here’s the problem; I purchased the ProTalk with in mind I could use it to communicate with other radios besides ProTalks. For instance, I have a consumer 2-way radio that I was hoping my other photographer could use to talk to me. However, I can’t get them to communicate. I have not tried going trough every frequency on the ProTalk yet, but I might have to try. The consumer radio does pick up white noise on some channels when I press talk on my ProTalk, but it does not pickup anything else.

Help? Was I stupid and did I purchase the wrong type of radio? Can I get them to communicate?


at quick glance it looks like the pro talk units are uhf business band which requires a license from the FCC. so they will not work with any readly available “consumer” radios like FRS or GMRS radios… For what you are using them for, really short range i would ditch the protalks and just pickup annother pack of frs radios for cheap.

pir8radio is correct. You probably cannot communicate with the two radios because the ProTalk XLS is a UHF business radio, whereas the consumer radio is a UHF GMRS/FRS radio. They are both UHF, but with different frequencies.

What model ProTalk do you have? The TK3230 XLS? I can tell you what frequencies you have based on the model.