Please help noob decide

I’m so glad I came across this forum! Trying to decide between Midland GXT900VP4 and Cobra LI7200-2WXVP, I really like the Midland unit better (surprise!). I understand that the Cobra has a slight edge when it comes to distance, but I do prefer Midland for its 3-year warranty, included headsets, voice scramble, as well as being waterproof. However, I came across this review where the guy claims that this model overheats on High power setting, and shuts off after a few seconds:

Since none of you guys have mentioned this, should I disregard the overheating claim?

Also, I haven’t seen any e-tailers for Midland in Canada, so I’m wondering if it would make sense to get the Cobra, although I seem to like it a bit less.

Lastly, for those that held both units in their hands (I haven’t), does the Midland seem so much bulkier than the Cobra?

TIA - ardo.

They won’t overheat. I had a couple sets of models here on review and never encountered the problem. He must have had a bad set.

Cobras do beter on Range… Midlands on durability.

Thanks for your help! Now, if I could only find Midlands in Canada. I could buy from the US, but not having warranty service is a PITA.

It is possible the power output exceeds what Canadian regulations permit, as such, they are not legal for use in Canada. Any radio over 2 watts ERP isn’t appoved. Everything sold in Canada must have IC certification, just like stuff sold in the USA must have FCC certification.

Thanks, I discovered that when asking for Midlands at Bass Pro - the guy told me ‘I cannot get you any of the 5 watt units’…