Please Help me to get software

Hello To All


I can not find software programming for This Radio

Please Help me I want software programming Motorola mcx 838

What frequencies are you licenced to use?

It looks like this is a Motorola business mobile radio, and can only be programmed by a Motorola dealer. The customer programming software is not available to consumers, and can only be purchased direct from Motorola. If this is a two-way radio you purchased on eBay, consider it useless unless you can get a Motorola dealer to program it for you to frequencies you are licenced to use. By the way, if it truly is programmed to 138.3 MHz, that appears to be a military-only frequency, and transmissions on frequencies you are not licenced or authorized to use can possibly invoke a quick response from the regulating authorities. I think you need to talk to your Motorola dealer on this.

I agree. Seems to be a surplus older radio likely purchased on eBay maybe.
Probably old government stock.
It WILL require licensed Motorola software to read and write the radio.

Lots of the internet sources of Motorola software have dried up, many getting pressure from Motorola. It’s always been a brand that protects its business clients and dealers quite toughly. I have hundreds of radios in stock and a big hire stock too and I have just two brand new Motorola’s that have been on the shelf for ages because I can’t programme the ■■■■ things.

Very true. Motorola also has a different CPS for so many different types and brands of radios making it very difficult to keep up. Only a dealer can usually keep up and afford to keep up. I’ve programmed hundreds of Motorola products over the years as a radio technician. Crazy interesting and a wonderful learning experience but a ton of work and sometimes the software can be tricky to navigate as well.

I think we can safely agree it’s not dealer sourced - no legit dealer would sell radios to the general public in working order with military VHF frequencies preset.

As previously suggested, you’ll either need to go to a legit LMR dealer, or legit LMR service centre to at least get it factory reset to transit state before you even think about trying to get the CPS and self reprogram it.

Because its -

A) An unknown quantity, potential a unit that no longer meets the required certification or any even the unit basically was compliant with from factory.

B). Anybody who would supply a radio with existing military frequencies preset is as dubious as probably incompetent and subsequently can’t be trusted even as far as you could dead throw one of the radios.

C) If the item with military frequencies preset was ‘obtained’ by the seller without proper release, it’s stolen property and given it may contain restricted modules (as a higher security variant not sold to the general public), you could potentially be in breach of the law in your region. Some countries treat illegal/unauthorized possession of restricted equipment alone as a major criminal offense, and air-testing it irrespective without doing so in test conditions (i.e. screened room, dummy load as an antenna substitute) on an unknown pre-owned commercial/professional radio system isn’t where you want to be taking chances with, mind you - you really should try to air-test any unknown quantity without at least dummy load and attenuator to keep the overall leaked emissions limited.

As for CPS and other service software, to my knowledge, you’ll only be able to legit obtain it via Motorola or an authorised distributor (at cost either way), but will probably have to source from Motorola direct.

We’re assuming you’re actually licensed on some level to operate an LMR service certified radio system, if you’re not then that’s something you’ll have to obtain.

If you’re at all hoping to get away with unlicensed ‘off the radar’ usage then please forget any hope of cooperation as I’m pretty certain there’s ethical and forum rules regarding trying to obtain illegit copies of software and/or seek assistance to the intended unauthorized use of radio equipment.

Having owned some ex-military radio equipment, some I converted or got pre-converted for 2m/70cms use or retained as decommissioned collectable items, I know that legit obtained military equipment purchasing requires some paperwork and it will come with evidence to prove it was decommissioned and released in nonoperational condition as they wouldn’t be disposed of with intent they’d be recommissioned in functioning original usage state.

And there lies, supporting legit release aside, are they actually operational as exists, and if they are, they ain’t legit released … I’ll leave the closing remarks on that unwritten…

Very well said Chris.

There are quite a lot of non-military legit users in the 139-142MHz band - BBC radio use quite a few, and I expect quite a few of these are on the market somewhere. I’ve got a PMSE licence, but mine doesn’t cover that band, but as it’s coordinated low power hand-helds and radio car to studio stuff is quite happy in that band. They’re often on strange channels to - like 141.630MHz not 625? No idea why. I think it’s still occasionally used by the Military in Northern Ireland, and they don’t have broadcasters in that band, although many of the older ex-BBC OB radio vehicles they bring in from England have them in as legacy equipment nobody bothered to remove. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions - and we don’t even know the OP is actually a Brit. who knows what they do in that band in the US?