===Please help me select 8 walkie talkies use for troop

My brother is deployed to Iraq. His unit allowed to have walkie talkie, but they don’t provide it. He called and said he need 8 walkie talkies ASAP.
He said the terrain is unknown, but need the range of 3-5 miles.

Please help me pick out the good one for the troop.
Do you know if GMRS is allowed there? I assumed he is military personel, he can use any radio frequencies???

Please help…I can only afford around…$800-$1000 :smiley:

I recently saw a program on the military channel showing some special forces unit using the garmin GPS enabled GMRS units. Those would be good for the
range you desire. They put out the full 5 watts.
Other than that about the best range wise seem to be the midland GXT-710 or 800.
(as per the FCC database specs they are around 1 and a half watts erp)
This is my opinion only others may reccomend commercial grade with no GPS
such as the kenwoods, which would be more rugged and give the full 4 or 5 watts as well.

We get sales to deployed military personnel quite often, and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of standard as to the frequencies of the radios they buy.

The Garmin Rino radios with GPS are popular, especially the 5 watt models (520 and 530). Lower cost radios like the Midland GXT800VP4’s operate on the GMRS frequencies and are also popular.

Business radios, like the Motorola XTN series and the Kenwood TK3200 or the 4 watt TK3202 are also popular.

Thanks all for your help.
With your suggestions and my little research, I will go with the Midland GXT 850 VP4 models.

Thanks again.

I do not understand that soldiers in war area have to buy their own radio’s ?
Kind regards,

Ivan, Antwerp, Belgium