Please explain 'refurbished/renewed' to someone from Belgium


Each day I’m searching the Ebay website convulsively seeking for good deals on robust two way radio’s. Yes, the radio’s working on FRS and GMRS frequencies…. I use them in Europe and never had any complications or confrontations with another human being or law enforcement agency. I am pretty sure these channels are not in use in most of European countries. Of course, the eight European PMR channels are all tied up with people telling rubbish. Consequently, the smart radio lovers use the GMRS/FRS channels !
I have a silly question. On Ebay you can accomplish excellent deals with webstores if you choose to buy ‘REFURBISHED or RENEWED’ radio’s…. Can somebody exactly explain what this means ? I think they mean REPAIRED radio’s. Obviously, I assume these radio’s have been repaired in an excellent way ? So, can I be sure that they work as well as new radio’s ???

What is your experience with REFURBISHED or RENEWED’ radio’s’. Do you recommend me to buy these radio’s or do you advise me to pay more for new radio’s ?

Thanks for your splendid help and have a nice day. :cool:

Ivan, Antwerp, Belgium (Europe)

I have never seen refurbished two ways, but I have gotten excellent deals on short wave reciever refurbs that are like new condition, meaning they are repaired / and or recased to new specifications and usually with the full warranty.
Always question as to warranty information.
By the way, if you do get in trouble in your use of forbidden frequencies, you could land in prison , suspected of being a spy or something. Who knows in todays world?

Of course you are right about the illegal use of the FRS/GMRS frequencies… In Europe we should freeely use the PMR frequencies which operate on 446 Mhz. But hese frequencies are occupied by kids, idiots, ets…. You can compare them with the rubbish you previously came across in CB (Citizen Band). :smiley:

Therefore some of us are sometimes using the FRS/GMRS channels.
The only counter-plea I can ventilate, is that I am ccasionally using these frequencies over a year. I have been on these frequencies in Belgium, Hongary, the Netherlands, Turkey and France. I will swear an oath and tell you that before we start transmitting on these channels, we always do an intense scan on these channels on several moments. Before we start transmitting we also investigate the local European frequency plan on

According to my experiences, these channels are not occupied. Obviously, this still does not give us not the right to use them, but I just want to describe the circumstances. Besides, we are never using the channels for a long time on the same spot. Mostly, we use them during holidays while we are moving around. So, even with the hypothesis that local enforcement agencies, police or a federal control organisation, should have discovered our illegal use of frequencies, how can they capture us.

But, let us stay tranquil and paceful. No one is scanning these FRS/GMRS frequencies for illegal use ! In worst case scenario somebody who reserved one of these frequencies for private use will be unhappy and make an official complaint. But at that time, we are already flown away, as a bird !
Now, my clarification does not mean that you AMERICAN PEOPLE, coming as tourists to Belgium and the rest of Europe, can bring along your two way radio’s. Because if you all do so, the frequencies will be stuffed and my problems start all over again :eek:

Thanks and have a fine day.:cool:

Ivan, Antwerp, Belgium (Europe)