Physical damages to Professional two-way radios

Hello everyone,

I am currently conducting a survey to find out the common causes of physical damages to two-way radios when used on site and the best way to tackle these issues.

Another goal of the survey is to find out how effective your current accessories are in protecting the physical integrity of your professional radios and how cost effective it is to send your two-way radios back to manufacturers or distributors for repair.

I hope as many people as possible can participate and help me gather information.
Please include as much information as possible and thank you for helping out :smiley:
The link to the survey is below

I’m really sorry - but as an ex-college lecturer, I’d have rejected that one as incapable of producing valid data. You cannot ask how often and then have a 0 to 10 scale - it will produce unreliable data. In my own case, if 6 radios go out, one will probably have a visible scar - but tiny or severe, or multiple radios coming back just doesn’t work on your survey so I ticked 5 - based on a guess.

The questions clearly suggest that you are collecting data to support the production of protection devices.

If you want to get survey results, you need to consider the people who use them, and you didn’t think about the range of possibilities.

If I get a damaged radio back - I don’t not do anything, I don’t send it back to the manufacturer and I don’t scrap it - I repair it in our workshop. Clearly many people taking the survey will do this.

I personally hate scratched displays, and have found that minor scratches can polish out. When cases get damaged and look horrible, I’ll buy new cases and put them on - but only when they look nasty. For some odd reason I hate bent helical rubber aerials - I’ve got a box of VHF and UHF spares and if I see one where somebody obviously used the aerial as a handle and is bent - I swap it for a new one - same with knobs. Muddy and dirty grooves get cleaned carefully or replaced, but screens just need to be visible.

You’ll get results from your survey, but the confusion will impact on the answers - when people have to guess how to answer them.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your feedback, I will make the necessary changes:)

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Hello everyone,

with some help, I have made changes to the survey. Please participate