I was skeptical about joining this forum as the activity is severely lacking and now I see why. It is run by a Super Moderator tyrant with a God complex who shuts down threads like he’s handing out candy at a parade.

People come here for answers and advice…camaraderie. None of those are had here because Super Mod is too busy trying to scan for “illegal” action like he’s an FCC insider trying to rid the world of CB crime. Get a life.

If you’d have engaged in simple discourse and not been so trigger happy with the CLOSED button, I’d have told you that I disabled the HAM ability in my radio and it is fully functional as a CB now.

Good luck with your one man operation here lol.

Wow! I don’t usually post in this forum, because I’ve no real interest in this area, but I have to say for a new member to have made so few helpful posts that ‘fit’ the forum style and get miffed like this, blaming the mods is crazy.

When you join ANY forum, you have to conform to the house style, not expect the forum to change to yours. Clearly, you’ve made some posts that didn’t cut it. All that says is that YOU don’t understand how OUR forum likes things to be.

New users agree to follow the rules, and if you don’t, you get zapped. Tough!

I always support the mods, and if occasionally I cross a line and get something removed, it was me, not them, that caused a problem.

Well, aside from the fact that my experience has been the opposite to yours - I have always found the forum helpful and friendly - I should point out that you are 100% wrong. You asked a question about a cheap, used radio that had been illegally modified to transmit on CB bands; is not type-accepted for CB bands AND the 8 watts of power exceed the mandated 4 watt limit for CB. You are operating illegally in three different ways.

Maybe those little CB radio forums who tell you how to modify these radios illegally can help you find the problem. We tend to be adults here.

No, you cannot take a 10-meter radio and modify it to legally transmit on CB frequencies.

Does anyone care, especially if you use the radio responsibly and don’t add a further illegal amplifier onto a radio that is already illegal in three different ways? Well, that is up to you and your own personal ethics.

But this is their forum, and we are visitors here. We either follow the rules or go somewhere else.

I wonder if he was in abad mood when he posted that?

I like it here :slight_smile:

Well, the moderator let your rant stay up. :crazy_face:

I don’t see a lot of activity on this board so lets get some going. I have been into CB since I was 8 years old. I love shooting skip on SSB and have had a lot of radios and antennas. What’s your experience?

Might be best to start a new thread with your topic…but I’ll respond anyhow. I’m more of a person who uses CB for local communications. I’ve just got an AM radio now… but in the past, SSB was pretty fun.

I was always on AM and we had a whole neighborhood on it as well (back in the day) now I use AM for traveling and listening to CH19. I wish more people would get on and use it for rag chewing. I hear AM skip now and again.