P324 issues


Been trying for days to get this P324 programming software to connect via USB to serial adaptor built in to the cable supplied by Olympia. I have tried literally 4 computers and 4 Operating system combinations in an attempt to get this to work. Still cannot get the green connection icon to light. Stays red all the time. The best I have been able to get is in some hardware/software configs - a handshaking failed error.

Can someone tell me what serial port settings they are using - speed, parity, stop bits, flow control ect.?

Any other help or suggestions on what is working for you OS/Port settings/anything else like tricks something I am missing?

I have reached the end of my testing as it stands and unless I can get this thing to work it will be going back to the vendor.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You are going to need to check your device manager to see what port is recognizing the programming cable. If that doesn’t work then try restarting the computer with no other programming running but the Olympia software running. Sometimes other programs can interfere with the programming software. Hope this helps!

Hi Taylor,

Thanks for the suggestions but I have been check device manager continuously and modifying the settings in an attempt to get it to work. I have also tried various versions of the driver to fix it. What settings are you running at? The default is 9600, N, 8, 1, with no flow control.