Over the air programming

Greetings all,

i kindly need guide on how to go about with OTAP as its a concept i would like to try out on both a conventional single site as well as an IP site connect system.

So talking MOTOTRBO I take it? You will need a RM server with an IP connection to the system (single site or IPSC). It’s based off of unit ID if I remember correctly (I’ve walked through using it but only on Capacity Max, I used to use the integrated method for Connect Plus often though). Popluate the RM with a codeplug database and ID database. From there you select the ID and site and load the codeplug. Kinda slow though, up to 2 minutes per radio.

Thank you so much for the guide.
i have RM server already set up and will start off with single site as i scale to IP site connect.Will update progress and/or challenges to better my understanding on OTAP.
Than you.

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