Opinions Needed Please


I am looking for feedback on what type of radios I should consider for use during a 5-day fair that is held every year. I’m in need of a solution that will allow my group to communicate with each other for approximately 10 hours per day in a noisy environment so we can manage the festivities effectively. Sound level and quality, battery life and reliability are major factors while considering the right type of two-way radio. Business radios were initially considered, but because of the fact that the radios will be in use for only 5 days per year, I do not see them as a cost effective solution. With that said, I am considering radios with FRS frequencies and a transmission radius of no more than a half mile. Buytwowayradios.com recommends the Midland GXT1000VP4 (http://www.twowayradioforum.com/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=5) but I wanted to get the opinions from other experts before I make a final decision. Also, how much will battery life be affected during the years time when the radios will not be in use?
Any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

For FRS only use I would go with cheaper radios: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/midland/midland-lxt-380vp3.aspx

Battery life is an interesting and debatable subject. NiMH and Nicad can be stored in a freezer and they will hold a charge longer, but they have to be kept 100% dry and there is some question as to whether it is worth it. (It seems Alkaline batteries do not gain much from cold storage.)

If they just sit, they tend to discharge completely from a full charge in about 2-3 months. There is also a risk of not being able to recharge fully if allowed to partially discharge then recharge, and then fully discharge and recharge (over and over constantly). This is mostly associated with Nicad batteries, but NiMH is a bit susceptible to memory depletion effects as well. It is a good idea even for NiMH batteries to empty out every now and then to avoid slight voltage depletion.

In your case with the radios being used once a year, I would let them fully discharge after the event, but recharge them during it of course
Now that I have said this, I am certain there will be some more opinions. :slight_smile:

The usual way this is handled is to rent radios from a company in the business of providing rental radios, on business frequencies.

These would usually be UHF simplex radios, on one or several frequencies.

I have no idea what they charge, though.