One more question... sry

In doing some reading, which there have been some intersting topics covered, it said that when you buy the Motorola XTN XV2100 it comes preloaded with 5 MURS radio channels, now I would get to pick one and only one? Once I pick a channel does that mean that I am forever locked into that channel? Just a question…

Thanks for your time

With the Motorola XV2100, you can always re-assign your channel to a different frequency. The XTN series VHF radios each have 27 VHF frequencies available, 5 of which are MURS. It takes about 30 seconds to re-assign a channel’s frequency.

If you are using multiple MURS frequencies, you may want to get the Motorola XV2600. With this model, you could have 5 of the 6 channels each assigned to a different MURS frequency.