Olympia P324 with Blackbox

Hello, I have 2 Blackbox UHF and I was considering buying 2 P324’s, I was wondering if they came with the same frequencies.
I bought the Blackboxes with their standard frequencies, and I’d like to know if these are the same for all models and if not do they have to be re-programmed.
Also, what is the reputation for these radios?
I dont’’ see much feedback on these radios so I’d like to know if they’re good quality.

BlackBox has changed the default frequencies at least once so we would need to know the exact frequencies you are currently using. We can then program most UHF radios to work including Olympia’s P324 series. BlackBox radios are the same in quality as other entry level business radios.

Thanks for the reply, is there a way to check ? I bought the radios from your store 6/28/07.
Also, what is the range of the Olympias as compared to the Blackboxes ? I love the Blackbox but I’d like ones that are lighter with the same wattage.
Do they have a standard plug for mic ?

If you are able, give us a call and we should have your frequencies on file (1-800-584-1445). The range should be very similar. Olympia shares the same connector as most Kenwood radios, the BlackBox uses a Motorola connector so they are not compatible.