Olympia P324 programming glitch

Purchased P324 Olympia radio. Then purchased programming kit,(Olympia as well). With cable. Software installed in computer fine but “username” and “password” popped up to gain access to software. Does anybody know how to proceed from here? Apparently, Olympia does not include paper instruction manual with programming kit.

Good morning! I thought the username and password was in a separate file folder on the disc… Anyways, try using the following:

username: admin
password: 123456

I hope this helps!!

Thank you very much. I got in to the program, but when all required fields are taken care of, i have the USB cable plugged in to both radio and computer. How do I program the radio from here?

Do you have the list of frequencies that you want the Olympia programmed to?

Thanks for responding. Currently, I only need a few frequencies to be programmed into the radio. I hear negative feedback regarding the USB cable that is provided. I have completed all the menus and need navigation from there.

When you plug the radio in and power it on, you should get a “green light” in the upper right corner… Do you have that?

No, I do not. The red light still appears.

I am likewise running into this same problem. I can get into the software without a problem, but it responds with “the serial port is disconnected” or “unable to complete handshake”. the only thing I could think of is that there may be a problem with the cable that I am using because the cable is clearly plugged in and recognized by the computer.

so far it has been a 5 hour waste of time and energy and contemplating just returning the radio and software