Old CB radios

Vintage CB Radios -

I have seen several forums and have seen several web sites of vintage CB radio owners equipment.
Everything from the early days of CB radio, where people took tubes and built their own equipment, to kits that people assembled on their kitchen tables.

I have seen a recent resurgence of old used equipment - most in poor shape, come out of the woodwork in the last couple of years.

Crystals that were not any good anymore.

Capacitors that had leaked and needed to be replaced.

Tuners that were just plain wore out.

Variable capacitors that needed to be replaced.

Then again - every once in a while, i SEE a model come out of Grandpa’s closet that looks as good as the day it was new.

I warn people not to plug it in until it has been looked at by a qualified technician and has been warmed up on a variable power source.

At the very least, you can wire a lamp socket in series with a zip cord and plug it in and run it with a couple of light bulbs in series.