OdMaster Questions Tidradio HT-H8

I have some “noob level” Tidradio HT-H8 question that I know the crew here can set me straight on.
Concerning programming the HT-H8 GMRS in OdMaster…

Under the Optional Features menu, what do these selections control?
Only CH Mode: (check box)
TDR: Yes/No (slide switch)
BL: Yes/No (slide switch)

Under A & B Band Frequency Mode menus…
A Band Freq Mode: (in general what does it control, why does it exist?)
B Band Freq Mode: (what does it control, why does it exist?)

In the FM radio stations menu…
Channel: (1 to 25) selects what? Maybe user channel banks?
Word Mode: (CH or VFO?) does what to the radio?
Forbid Receive: (check box) controls what on the radio?

Thanks in advance for any help sorting this out.
Regards, Jake.:blush:

Sure I’ll answer my own post.:smile:

After several hours of research I was able to deduce what the majority of the Tidradio HT-H8 OdMaster menu options were.
No thanks to Tidradio either. Most of my answers came from studying information posted on BaoFeng and Miklor web sites.
A couple of items that I simply could not get correct answers on were:
Under Optional Features,
Only CH Mode (check box)?
BL (yes/no)?

Under the FM radio stations section,
Forbid Receive (check box)?

Closing thoughts…
1.) I found it interesting the number of people that own and use these radios every day yet have so little knowledge of what most of the settings actually do.

2.) I was impressed with the number of people that did NOT know the correct answers to my questions but confidently answered them wrong (with their own guesses) anyway.

Thanks for your input on this Jake.
Happy travels & keep the shiny side up! :beer:

Glad you were able to find some answers. I don’t have that brand of radio but could BL stand for Back Light?

Only CH Mode could mean that when checked you won’t be able to use frequency mode or VFO, if that radio has it.

It is amazing what is left out of some manuals during the translation process.

Thank you ipoke, :beer:
At some point I’ll get it figured out. The good news is that at this point both my bargain basement Tidradios are working fine.
Thanks for the reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Guys,
I found BL is bluetooth

still dont know what forbid receive means??
i been messing with odmaster just for a cpl days so look for more info if i find any

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