Noice coming out of Radio

Hay guys, I am working for a firm, and we are using RDU4100 Radios over here with a Ritron liberty repeater. The problem is radios started giving noise after several conversation. Noise come for some random amount of time after random conversation. it generally doesn’t come to every conversation. sometimes it comes after every conversation.

I talked to Motorola. I talked to Ritron, We send repeater to Ritron to change the frequency, considering something is interfering with radio frequency but that did’t help as well.

If anyone knows what is wrong with that either repeater or the radio please let me know.

Nope, not a clue from only what you have said. It could be for a number of reason.

Well Thank you responding.

I have no idea what is going on with those radios, if you have can you please help me out?

If you hold 2 radios together and monitor them does the noise appear on both? If it does then obviously the common factor is the repeater. It may be that the duplexer is not of good enough quality and or you repeater antenna is too close to others on the site . This is where I would be looking for the issue