No sound radio


I would like to know if it is normal that i dont hear nothing from my radio. First, i bought a boat equipped with a Uniden Solara DSC with a Pacific aerial Stainless Steel whip 1 meter antenna.

Second, i dont know nothing about marine radio, that’s why my question. Actually i take course because in Quebec, Canada we need liscense to use these radios. I have tried every station one by one even with the squelch turn clockwise. The same for the wheather stations too, no sound. I just wonder if the radio good or bad.

Sorry for my english, i’m french speaking.



For starters, check the cable and all connections between your radio and the antenna. Search for any signs of breaks, damage or corrosion. The radio will not pick up much of anything if the antenna is not properly connected.

It is entirely possible the internal speaker may no longer function. Also, just because the radio powers on doesn’t mean it will transmit or receive. You may need to take it to a local shop and have them check it out.

Ok thank for the information, i will remove and bring it to a repair shop to check. For me is sure there’s something wrong with it. Last week end i went to a lake, there were a lot of boats and my radio remained silent, every channels.

Check your connections first. It is also possible the cable and/or connectors from the antenna to the radio may be damaged or corroded.

On most radios you have to turn the squelch COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to lessen the amount of squelch. If the squelch is turned all the way down, you should at least hear static. If you don’t then something else is wrong.

Yesterday i have check the radio with someone else boat. The person can hear me talking but me i dont hear nothing. That mean the radio can transmit but can’nt receive. :confused: