No Interference Please!

I dont know the first thing about two way radios. I am going to use one as a trigger and the other three will be set on different channels so they can be set off seperately without iterference between channels. before anyone thinks this sounds kind of suspicious I am using them for home made bird launchers that I made for feild training my griffon. the store baught launchers cost at least $200 each and I made mine for $35 each and they are set off by the regular sized earphone jack on the two way. now I just need to make sure that I dont launch the wrong bird or multiple birds if I am meaning to launch the channel 5 two way bird launcher and the two-way set on channel 8 picks up the interference and also launches. so far that is the trouble I am having with cheap pink sets of midland 110’s. I would like to get them today if possible and I would love to spend as little as possible on four radios that would aceive this. I have a feeling that if i spend $150 per radio I would get what I want but then what was the point of building my own.

I am currently looking at the midland 1000 I can get them for around 50-60 for 2 units but I dont know if this a problem that can be solved by those units. I also am not really interested on having to get the $90 licence just to run my launchers

I also wanted to mention that the range is not important.

The only way to guarantee ‘no interference’ is with far more complex gear with digital codes.

First thing to do with simple bubble pack radios would be to use DCS instead of CTCSS, as there are more codes, and they’re less used… but few of the bubble packs have DCS.

DCS is Digital Coded Squelch, as opposed to CTCSS, Continuous Tone Coded Squelch.

In bubble-pack speak, that’s ‘privacy codes’.

Since FRS/GMRS is a heavily used set of frequencies, all over the US (unless you’re way out in the country), you cannot guarantee that someone else will not randomly happen to use ‘your’ channel and CTCSS at any given time.

The most basic thing would be to have your three units on different channels, AND different privacy codes, so at least YOUR transmissions won’t trigger a reciever on a differerent channel by overloading it.