Newly Used HT1250's

I don’t know much about radios except how to talk and listen on them, turn them on and change the channel. So here is my issue…
I just bought 2 HT1250’s from a person in Florida… I live in BC Canada. I got them with dead batteries and then charged on in a charger for just about 2 hours(each)… then took one out for just over an hour… then I tried to use it and the battery started flashing and beeping “Low Battery”. Is this radio similar to a cell phone… if it’s out of it’s original service “zone” it will roam or whatever and kill the battery quicker? It’s still programmed to it’s old radio frequencies, I haven’t been able to reprogram.


Edit: The charger I bought is designed for HT1250’s, it’s also a rapid charger. So should I try leaving them in for several hours? 8 or so?

Greetings, quite nice radios those will be when you get them up and programmed. You don’t want them to be in any “service zone” (trunked network or repeater network). You want the radios to be in “talk around”. Also, no definitely not 8 hours the rapid charger is like 2 hours max on a hi-cap pack. I’d look for some new batteries. Once you can get 'em to charge put them in talk around and go from there. :wink:

These radios can do a LOT, but they are NOT anything like cell phones. They are simply radios. They can talk directly to each other or other radios on the same frequencies or through repeaters.

You will NOT be able to program them. You must bring them to an authorized Moto dealer and pay for programming. :mad:

You don’t need to be a dealer to get the software, you just need to have alot of money.

Yes and no. I have heard that mother m can deny you the sale of software if they don’t think it is in their best interest or even if they just feel like it.
I may be wrong, but this is what I have heard.