Newbie needs some help

Recently bought some Motorola t265 radios to use. These would mostly be used for driving out of cell service areas and off road trails so we can communicate back and forth. They worked okay but even when we were driving 20 yards away from each other we would get static. Some times they would be clear but mostly it was difficult to get a clear signal. I understand being inside cars could/would cause some issues but what else could I be doing wrong? Are these radios too “small” for what I need? I was looking at possibly midland gxt or cobra options, or maybe the Motorola t402 models.

Range hand held to hand held is always short but 60ft indicates a real problem. You need to do some sensible tests. A football size field and no obstructions. They should all communicate 100% if you can see each other. If you can see somebody and not hear them, noise free, then it could be low transmit power, as in deliberately programmed in or a fault. Sometimes broken antennas. If you have at least three, on the football field you can check if it is one radio low power, or one radio poor transmit. If three people equally spaced in a triangle have short range identically, them suspect power output. One dodgy antenna, or power stage, or receiver fault, but two? That’s too much a coincidence. Be systematic in controlled circumstances.