Newbie needs help with radio choice

I found this site yesterday and it seems just what I was looking for! I need to purchase some radio’s (2) and would like to hear everyone’s opinions so here goes:

I live in a fairly mountanous/hilly terrain with a lot of trees but not a lot of tall buildings. My family and I currently live in a 3 story apartment building on the second floor. The apartment building has a brick and concrete outer construction.

My intended use of the radio’s are: for my children who walk to school which is approximately 1 mile away, for hunting in heavily wooded and hilly terrain, car to car communication, emergency communications, etc.

My requirements in order of importance:

  1. Reliability/Durability–They have to work under various weather conditions and have to be able to stand being used by my kids and wife:)

  2. Range–Would like to RELIABLY be able to talk 2 miles if at all possible

  3. Security–Pretty self explanitory. I don’t want some clown with a scanner or another radio being able to listen in on my conversation with my children and I while they walk home from school

  4. Portable/Easy to carry

Now, after saying all that, I am looking at GMRS (yes, I know there is a fee), MURS and TriSquare. I don’t want a Ham radio at this point. I also have only about roughly $200 to spend. Any info would be greatly appreciated and helpful. Sorry for the long post and thank you all for your time!


Its me again, sorry! I just looked at the Cobra marine 425 Li-VP and even though its a little more than I wanted to spend for 2 radio’s, it MAY be what I need. However, please read my first post and let me know what you all think. Thanks, again, for any info. I greatly appreciate it!


Marine radios are illegal for land use. Sorry :slight_smile:

Just looked up the radio. Using the Marine frequencies would be illegal however the GMRS channels would be ok for land use.

Thanks for the reply. I already knew that a straight marine radio is a no go on land but I was just planning on using the GMRS frequencies anyway.


Wow, tough crowd. Thought I might get at least more than one response. Maybe I’m expecting too much from two way radios. Anyway, thank you to the one person who did respond.