Newbie - need help with finding the right system

Hi guys

I am looking for some help in finding the right purchase for me, I am a racing driver and we are looking for radio system for endurance karting, both radios and headsets.
Looking to spend about £300 to get 3 handsets, 2 in helmet headsets and 1 headset to use in the pits.

What were looking for

  • Waterproof (these will be in the rain for hours at a time)
  • Good battery life
  • PTT functionally
  • Not necessarily small but a slimmer unit would be good as they will go under our race suits
  • headset to fit inside helmet with mic

In terms or range we don’t need too much as most tracks are under 1 mile across as any point with most often a clear line of sight.

Thanks in advance for any help

You can get cheap in helmet earpieces for cheap prices on ebay that have a remote ptt button. The snag is simply noise. Is an earpiece speaker sitting over your ear loud enough? If it isnt you need to move to ear bud types but a couple of these will probably eat your budget up. A decent pit lane cheap headset will be at least fifty quid. These will all work with cheap radios. So you can do three radios for not a lot. Kenwoods, baofengs etc and the licence to be legit is 75 for a business licence. Here’s a cheapie headset for info